17:00, 23JUNE, 2020



About The Event

This remote event, hosted by the itSMF Belgium chapter in collaboration with Paul Wilkinson will take place on Tuesday 23/6 from 5:00pm—6:30pm If you want to benefit maximally from this session, check out the book “ABC of ICT An Introduction” created by Paul Wilkinson. What can you expect reading it? 

It will be a session packed with information reviewing the book by the author. However, there is also a call for action for those who participate. As part of the review, we would like to integrate the questions you had during the reading of the book. To break the ice, here is mine: Why is the book as relevant today as it was in 2008 when published? 

If you thought that would be all, think again. We will ask you to draw your top 3 ‘worst practice’ cards from our virtual ABC card deck. 

How do the participants experience the service management reality? We are curious which will be the top cards and what this learns us for the Belgian SM scene… And to top it off, we would like to introduce a new way of engaging with our members. Interested?  


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