19:00, 16 JANUARY, 2020


CTG Zaventem

About The Event

With very little you can do a lot”.

Sounds like something you could apply in your business?

Why don’t you? Lean is a concept that we know for some time now and in different contexts: Lean Manufacturing, Lean Value Stream, Lean Culture, Lean Agile, Lean Budgeting, Lean Processes, Lean Thinking, Lean Management, Lean User Experience, Lean Enterprise …

Come and learn what ‘lean’ is and how also you can apply it in your business and your day to day work.

About THE SPEAKER: More than 20 years active in Service Management:
ITIL since the late nineties,
Lean Six Sigma since 2007.
Lead several Lean projects, Continuous Service Improvement Manager for more than 6 years.

Always looking for improvement and always applying lean. Recently SAFe Agile Scrum Master certified. 

Speaker: Christa Mulders


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