Customer journey


19:00, 24 OCTOBER, 2019



About The Event

Why do we hear so much about “customer journeys”?

More importantly, what can we do with it?

From a practical point of view, how can we build a customer journey using customer emotions and touchpoints?

An entire ecosystem revolves around customer journeys to better understand customer as well as user and employee experience. Having a clear view of how people feel and react gives you a real advantage to address changes and know which direction to take to make your business grow.

Let’s get away from operational and focus on human beings for the time of this event….

Welcome to the journey!

Delphine is a young woman certified in customer experience management.
She has made customer, user and employee experience her career leitmotiv.
For the past five years, she has been introducing best practices in different companies, opening minds to alternative ways to make customers, users and employees happy to drive business results.

As a Certified Customer Immersion Experience Instructor for Microsoft Office 365, She is also a big fan of “new ways of working”.


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