19:00, 26 SEPTEMBER, 2019


UDPATED - CTG Belgium, Diegem

About The Event

In preparation of this session, we started with the premise: “Being an agile organisation is good, being an agile service organisation is better.”
This raised many questions. Here are a few:
What is the impact of driving agility from a service perspective instead of a development perspective? How can you combine control and flow in an agile service organisation? Can silos exist in such an organisation? Who defines the pace? Who creates the value? What is needed to get there?

After this introduction, we will split up the attendees in smaller teams. With these smaller round-table sessions, we will facilitate the discussion and experience sharing on agile service management. What is your take on agile service management? What works? What not? How did you overcome obstacles? All these lessons learned are made available for the attending audience afterwards.

This will be a highly interactive session, with a big opportunity to learn from each other.
The itSMF looks forwards meeting you. 


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